About Us

At Laine Recruiting, our purpose is simple: Change lives, one career at a time.

Headquartered in Rochester, NY, Laine Recruiting is a privately held executive, technical, and legal recruiting and outsourcing company.  We set the bar in delivering an unparalleled candidate experience and work tirelessly to exceed our customers’ expectations.

When Laine Recruiting was founded in 2019, a commitment was made to one core value above all else: Do the right thing, always.  This is what has led to our success in solving our clients’ most challenging talent acquisition problems.

We Measure Our Success in a Few Key Areas:

  • Fill Rate: We’ve successfully filled 87% of positions that our clients ultimately filled.

  • Quality of Placements: 96% of our placements have stayed with their employer for at least 2 years.

  • Quality of Candidates: 93% of candidates we submit to our clients get an interview.  31% of our candidates submitted get an offer.

  • Diversity: 52% of our candidates placed since inception have been diversity candidates.

Whatever your talent acquisition needs, Laine Recruiting is a great place to start when building your hiring strategy.  With two decades of experience delivering for our clients, we are not only adept at finding talent, but we’re experts at guiding candidates through the delicate process of a career transition to their new role with you!

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