Executive Recruitment

Whether through growth, retirement or a resignation, a vacancy at the executive level can create unique stresses and pressures on an organization.  The importance of ensuring that the decisions you make when hiring candidates at the executive level cannot be understated.  The wrong decision at this level can lead to ripple effects throughout the organization that years and a lot of time and money to fix.

So then, why would you use the same approach to hire your next great leader that you use when hiring administrative talent?  While the goal of each process is the same, the process itself should be vastly different.  That’s where Laine Recruiting’s decades of experience and curated network come into play.

Our dependable and repeatable executive recruiting process was designed to achieve one goal:  Identify and win the absolute best person for your role.  We have found that our success rate drastically increases the closer we stick to our process.

Here’s What It Looks Like:

When we strictly adhere to this process, our success rate is 94%!  With that type of track record, we can confidently say that we are the best executive recruiting partner for your next crucial hire.

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